Pause, breathe, and reflect

After waking up from sleeping all afternoon, I’ve been struggling tonight with some moderate depression. After logging in to a mood app, I realized I’ve had 3 significant stressors today so I will try not to be too hard on myself.

I went to my first job interview in a long while, and while I feel I did well and was alert and in good spirits, the fact I still have to compete against other people is stressful.

Student financial aid declined to pay for anymore of my general college courses until I pay for 2 of them. Seeing as they’re over $300 each, even for in-state residents, that’s not going to happen.

And my dad is going back to North Carolina tomorrow morning. We have only recently started getting along; as my mood has stabilized, so has his. He is significantly less stressed out now. And now he’s leaving.

It is fair that this is enough to stress someone with bipolar out. I put on South Park since it’s pretty ridiculous and harmless for my mood. Unlike, say, Investigation Discovery.

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