Bipolar is like the ocean


Bipolar is like being in the ocean. Sometimes you’re floating peacefully on your back, other times you’re caught in the undertow. Less frequently are you splashing around like when you were young.

But you are always in the ocean. You may treat your disorder, but there is no going back to dry land. Sometimes the ocean is as still as being under the light of the moon. But you are always at the mercy of the water.

Sometimes the sight of a boat in the distance brings you comfort. Sometimes the tickle of a school of fish at your knees makes you smile. But often all you want is to stay in the stillness underwater devoid of sound.

The ocean is your home. Sometimes you get stir crazy, watching everyone else build castles on the sand without you. Make peace with the ocean. Make peace with the fish. It may not feel like it when nothing is ticking at your knees, but you always have company in the ocean.


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