Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

4 thoughts on “Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  1. This is awesome ❀️Thanks for sharing! I recently had a terrible trigger and i have them sporadically. I will be doing awesome and feel confident and then bam! I know what sets them off, but I feel powerless when they hit. During that time, I don’t allow myself to feel or fail. I constantly question my feelings and just wish I could not feel different than everyone else when it’s happening. It’s very hard! I don’t know that anyone ever conquers trauma entirely, but I do think it can be managed to a degree. In the past few weeks I cut a “friend” completely out of my life because she never made time for me and would cancel on me. That made me feel devalued even though she said she “valued” our friendship. I feel like if you value someone you nurture your relationship with them. Anyway, at the time I felt okay with my decision and now I question it. She did apologize and want to take me to lunch, but because she made excuses so much in the past I didn’t trust her. Ugh life is hard and I wish I didn’t have these issues but I do. When I’m living in victory it’s awesome but when I have triggers and setbacks they are so bad. Thanks for sharing sorry for rambling!

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