Carrie’s 25 favorite films, and why

My favorite, having not changed since I was a young girl, haha; it’s absolutely ridiculous

First saw this mockumentary sometime in high school and it still makes me laugh, it’s so silly

Has remained a favorite since I first saw this in middle school; emotionally gripping, ethical

This one really intrigued me during my Southern Gothic phase; creepy and neo-noir like I like it

Who doesn’t value this one’s importance? Dystopian but tough at the same time

Hmm, I’ll leave it up to those who’ve seen it; very surreal and subconscious, and sexy

Can’t leave my childhood favorite out; I dreamt of Never Never Land . . . and the mermaid scene!

Really fascinating and visually stunning and shocking; a definite Autumn favorite

The most ridiculous nonsense film and I saw it very, very young, haha

Another ridiculous favorite; you can kind of gauge my sense of humor by now, it’s nonsense

The ultimate late-night double-feature picture-show πŸ‘„

It’s just a lot of fun killin’ na’nzis

I was completely obsessed by the first viewing of this as a teen; total Evil Dead nerd for life; pure gorey camp

Another childhood favorite full of innuendo (and I love innuendo)

Emotionally gripping film for me; I find it a very important commentary on civil and social rights

Pretty damn accurate portrayal of how “normal” bipolar disorder can be; not too melodramatic or “psychotic”

I get my surrealism fix with David Lynch

Was surprised that Jordan Peele was responsible for this kind of surrealism; it will definitely creep you out

Definitely unsettling in that surreal, into-your-subconscious way; weird and bizarre

This is just more pure dystopian fun

Philosophical satireβ€” what’s not to love?

Surrealism and “true” crime is a good time

A mind-f@#!, making you question your whole reality

More surreal, dystopian ridiculousness/camp

Had to include a Polanski film to round out all my love of psychological surrealism

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