INFJ manifesto through Bipolar’s eyes

“The Blessing and The Curse”

How common is laziness? Idle hands are the devil’s work. Are all lazy people doing the devil’s work, whatever that even means? Sorry if I’ve the wrong interpretation. Perception is reality and I enjoy being lazy yet have a strong work ethic when I DO work. Maybe they’re just stuck?

Hi Internet I love you that’s WHY I’m addicted to you. Everyone is freegin addicted to their phones; of course they’re gonna find Twitter, just like old people find FB & ruin it for all of us. This includes the 13 yr olds. Get off my lawn. Do your homework. It’s bed time, old man.

Who is REALLY suffering, that’s the kicker. But we’re all suffering with a different point of view. I mean they say pain is inevitable suffering is optional? I think I just LOVE the beauty in suffering. I’m goth at heart. But also a metalhead. Outcast one might say. Misfit.

I march to the beat of my own drum. Is that narcissistic? But I’m an empath. Are empaths kind of narcissistic? For example Light Workers, psychics, Tarot readers. Are we all charlatans? This is deep shit my friend. Are you willing to swim in the deep end? Artists are misfits.

Carrie L. James

I like being confident. I’ve always been brazen, shocking, aberrant. I fucking love words. I’m such a logophile. I love learning, basically. I’m very curious. I care a lot. I’m very sentimental. And I cry when I see you cry. And I cry when someone I care about has someone die.

I will sit with you in the dark. I will cater to you, run your bath. I am a nurturer. I am a maternal force. I want to produce… to express. I could not live without freedom of expression. It is who we are as a human being. I have humanity. A good heart.

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