Futility and depression are synonymous

Quotes from the video from Teal Swan

“You refuse to cut your losses.” [Wow. This might be the best description of depression I’ve ever seen.]

“Whatever you resist, persists.”

“You’re committed to a dead end.”

“Why would I scream if there’s no one near to hear me?”

“Basically you’re aware that these little things are not gonna make this bigger issue any better.”

“Stop antagonizing our creation of what we want and need.”

“The reason that most people who are depressed isolate is because it sucks for them to be around people who continue to have this energy around them like, ‘I need you to feel better.’ That’s pressure.”

“Instead of trying to get a depressed person out of their darkness, hold their hand and dive in.”


Our lack of control controls us.

Pining for an emotional connection with my mom was futile… for more than half my life.

Instead of focusing on the futility of life and not getting what we want or need, find ways to empower yourself and give you more of an illusion of control.

Never, ever give up on finding the ones that understand you and share your values… you literally need that to survive.

That’s the answer to the question, “Why am I here?” To survive. Everything else is gravy.

Gaining control over futility:

Working out
Setting goals
Being in the sun
Creating a routine
Taking on responsibilities
Spending time with animals
Being with and making friends

It’s not about “feeling good”; it’s taking back personal control.

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