My natal chart

January 16th, 1988 at 7:27 AM


House 1 – Venus and Mercury
Sun – Saturn
Moon/emotions – Jupiter

6 planets in 🔥
3 planets in 🌳
2 planets in 🌊
1 planet in 💨

6 planets are Mutable
4 planets are Cardinal
2 planets are Fixed (little endurance and stability)

↑ Ascendant 29°03′ Capricorn ♑, in House 1

☼ Sun 25°35′ Capricorn <Saturn> ♑, in House 12
(solitude, lonely) (secrets, sorrows and troubles) (psychic powers; meaning of life)
Sun in the twelfth house is quiet, peaceful, sensitive, sympathetic toward the poor, weak, and ill. One may sacrifice oneself in social service or be drawn into mysterious, hidden, mystical things through prayer and meditation. One may operate behind the scenes or be hidden, and unconscious motives may not be apparent. One may be releasing past guilt or be the victim of misunderstandings or persecution. Negative expressions are being too withdrawn, troubled, and pessimistic.

☽ Moon 17°56′ Sagittarius <Jupiter> ♐, in House 11
(hopes and wishes) (friends/Empath)
Moon in the eleventh house indicates association with the general public, social change, and collective endeavors. One’s friends are likely to include many women, and one may feel protective of one’s friends. One is interested in popular movements, likes social activities, and often imagines a better world.

☿ Mercury 10°18′ Aquarius <Uranus> ♒, in House 1
(first impression) (shocks)
Mercury in the first house focuses the mind on the self and personality, making them adaptable, changeable, youthful, competitive, excitable, nervous, inquiring, witty, communicative, eloquent or talkative, logical, sharp, and perceptive. One is usually alert to new information with quick comprehension and can be quite persuasive.

♀ Venus 1°02′ Pisces <Neptune> ♓, in House 1
(♀▪♂ difficulty) (appearance) (planet of love and pleasure)
Venus in the first house is in detriment, making the personality affectionate, pleasant, feminine, sociable, kind, artistic, refined, fair, attractive, emotional, and appreciative. One often loves oneself and may tend toward narcissism.

♂ Mars 5°15′ Sagittarius <Jupiter> ♐, in House 10
(♀▪♂ difficulty)
Mars in the tenth house is exalted stimulating ambition, industriousness, and an aggressive career. One may be resolute, forceful, and energetic in achieving success through one’s own efforts. One often has a desire to conquer the world, overcome others, and achieve recognition.?

♃ Jupiter 21°29′ Aries <Mars> ♈, in House 3
(☼▪♃ difficulty) (planet of luck) (restless/reckless) (addict)
Jupiter in the third house is in detriment bringing benefits and opportunities in the areas of school, learning, communications, and in regard to brother and sisters. The mind is enthusiastic in conversation and writing, jovial, tolerant, just, and reasonable.

♄ Saturn 27°13′ Sagittarius <Jupiter> ♐, in House 11
(lone wolf, fear of groups/crowds, unpopular)
Saturn in the eleventh house is dignified giving responsibility and concern for social and group goals and efforts. One may be involved in collective organizations and networks. One tends to make friends cautiously, but they are usually trustworthy and long-lasting with many older friends or age differences. One likes to set objectives and work for social improvements.

♅ Uranus 28°34′ Sagittarius <Jupiter> ♐, in House 11
(goals) (friends/unique, occult)
Uranus in the eleventh house is dignified stimulating progressive social relations, freedom, independence, and innovative ideas about society. One’s friends tend to be unusual, eccentric, altruistic, or advanced in some way.

♆ Neptune 8°22′ Capricorn <Saturn> ♑, in House 12
(solitude) (self-undoing) (artistic) (Depression)
Neptune in the twelfth house is dignified inspiring sympathy, charity, contemplation, mysticism, and intuitive understanding. One may be inclined to spend much time in devotion to prayer or meditation in quiet and seclusion or be involved in social work or rehabilitation.

♇ Pluto 12°20′ Scorpio <Pluto> ♏, in House 9
Pluto in the ninth house expands awareness through higher knowledge, philosophy, travel, and world issues. One tends to be adventurous and inspirational.

Midheaven 14°19′ Scorpio <Pluto> ♏, in House 9

I am an owner (Capricorn) and experiences (Sagittarius) are what make me feel emotionally happy, but I express myself in a logical (Aquarius) way. When it comes to love, I will be compassionate (Pisces), but when I get angry, I become indifferent (Sagittarius). Though people see me as the vintage soul (Capricorn).

Life systematically challenges me to be stuck in a rut (Sagittarius). My sense of humor is teasing (Aries). I’m eccentric (Sagittarius) when it comes to changes and I have the imagination of an occultist (Capricorn). My secret energy and individual powers are aimed at black magic (Scorpio).

Oh, and not to forget, I’ll be absolutely successful as a psychologist (Scorpio).

My deepest inner self can be compared to an ancient (Saturnian)/volcano (Capricorn).

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