Q&A: What does being Bipolar feel like?

On 7cups.com, the question was asked, “What does being Bipolar feel like?” These are some of the answers I resonated with most.


“I don’t think there is an average description for being Bipolar that fits everybody. But mostly, it’s a constant battle. You never really understand why you are sad but you keep being sad, and once you are happy, the happiness reaches new heights. There is no middle ground. And half the time, your emotions are all over the place. It’s just like a switch. You are depressed and you are ecstatic. And you never know why. It’s like rolling down a grassy hill, you are giddy with joy until you are dizzy with pain. That is why being Bipolar is often just discarded as regular mood swings or temper tantrums. They are difficult to understand or explain.”


“It feels like going to the beach. You walk up and the sands burns you; that’s waking up out of a dead depression sleep. It’s sunny; you feel the sunshine and maybe you’re nervous the day won’t go your way but you go to the water anyway. Then you’re in the water, your emotions are like waves, sometimes they are so low to your knees you don’t mind them. You even feel so in control that you are impervious to pain. Then the tide comes in and you’re at your neck. Somehow you’re losing control, the sky gets dark as you panic. You feel you can’t breathe and the salt tears your eyes. Lightning crashes and it’s like rage that you’re in this mess. You start to wonder if it’s best to stop fighting. You fight your way back to the shore and lay on the beach as it rains. You’re depressed; you want to give up. Then the sun comes out and the day starts again. At least that’s the closest example I can give.”


“It can feel like you’re at the top of the hill, everything feels lighter, happier, better, and you feel there’s nothing you can’t do. The downside is literally feeling you can barely do anything, it feels like a cage, a prison, and you don’t know how much longer you will feel so numb, lost… Bipolar owns you, controls you so much it can either weigh you completely down, wear you out, or energize you so you almost feel high. You’re either ecstatic, over-the-moon happy, or utterly miserable. Some days, everything is done swiftly, full of energy, and then there are days you struggle to even get out of the door. Bipolar is a curse and a blessing.”


“A person who has Bipolar experiences extreme emotions. From ecstasy to depression, each emotion you feel is more intense than what a normal person would feel. But that doesn’t mean you’re a freak or weird or abnormal. It’s just that you feel everything with an intensity that others might not. You might have your mood swings or constant change in your emotions, but just remember it’s not your fault, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty just because they don’t understand what it feels like to have Bipolar.”


“That depends on the type of Bipolar Disorder. It can be tormenting between feeling energetic and lethargic, between times of high risk and times of just hiding in bed. Or it can be a mess of feelings jumbling into each other and making it hard to pinpoint if what’s happening is because of outer sources or because a switch’s been flipped over in your brain. It can be very clear and easy to diagnose. Or it can be tough, because it’s a mess and hard to see. Either way, it’s stressful, sometimes dangerous, and no matter what phase is currently going on, it’s tiring to stay in control.”

7 Cups Communities provide a compassionate place to discuss issues you are struggling with and a place where you can offer support to others who need it based on your own experiences.

2 thoughts on “Q&A: What does being Bipolar feel like?

  1. Some great analogies in there. I also think it’s a blessing and a curse. And yes, its so very tiring to manage it day in and day out, everyday. I have mixed episodes so it can be very confusing and frustrating, like some of your contributors have alluded to. Thanks for sharing these experiences to help others understand us x

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