Riding this vibe

I’m a fine ass motherfucka at recovery I got this right I’m all right because I been to the bottom and I never imagined I’d ever vibe and be rational at the same time it’s some heavy spiritual awakening shit but sorry New Agers I couldn’t have survived without my pharmaceutical medicine so you can chill on the stigma you don’t have all the answers

I’m healing
I’m rediscovering myself
I’m starting over

nonetheless go in the pool go to the beach catch those rays taste the salt of the ocean sting your nostrils as you wipe away the salt water from your eyes only seconds before the high tide escorts you toward the shore where your loving always loving German Shepherd puppy tilts his head sideways and his ears flop and then he gets distracted by the other puppers living their best life going against the currents

so besides love staying MONOGAMOUS the Love movement is a Truth I get can behind and seriously honestly this is underrated but Rodney King did plead, “Can’t we all just get along?!”, and I heard that a countrywide away. Fucking chill. No drama does not have to mean no expressing negative emotions and therefore no expressing intimacy. I say toxic. Low vibration is gay. Instead, toxic.

You’ll (I’ll) be okay.

Bad news sucks. But the would turns.

Appropriate time for a massage.

As soon as I laid down for the massage, you know, I love getting cool and undressed and just how comfortable this particular place was, and so when I get massages I kind of go to another place that’s very peaceful and are happy moments for me, especially moments that haven’t even manifested yet in my life, like travel.

Also just my appreciation for all the beauty of water and green nature, and I imagine myself under a waterfall and I just imagined, you know, everything being at peace and I would honestly say that the only reason a professional massage is better than sex is because the massage is a guaranteed 60 minutes. πŸ™Š

I kinda think it would make EMDR trauma therapy that much more effective in conjunction with massage therapy since trauma is stored in the body, after all. Just a theory…

Whenever you are not thinking or doing, you are meditating.

The last place I went tonight was Barnes & Noble before they closed and I picked up a book called 100 Places in Spain Every Woman Should Go by Patricia Harris. What was once a love affair from afar with New Orleans is now for Spain where, as an artist, it would be a much more authentically rich experience. Life is far from over.

Salvador DalΓ­
Pablo Neruda
Federico GarcΓ­a Lorca

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