Coronavirus 🦠

Just got off video chat with my dad. I encouraged us to discuss civilly the divided narratives going around and the tomfoolery with that bill. Basically what it comes down to is ethics and priorities and definitely self care. This is a financial AND health care crisis simultaneously, maybe obviously. That's really tough. But you … Continue reading Coronavirus 🦠

Riding this vibe

I'm a fine ass motherfucka at recovery I got this right I'm all right because I been to the bottom and I never imagined I'd ever vibe and be rational at the same time it's some heavy spiritual awakening shit but sorry New Agers I couldn't have survived without my pharmaceutical medicine so you can … Continue reading Riding this vibe

πŸ“Ή VLOG: Living with Bipolar Type 2 (mental health) Originally recorded on Jul 5, 2019 Mental illness is a serious, life-long, life-debilitating condition. I have to live with this for the rest of my life. I take appropriate medication every day, twice a day. I don't fall asleep until hours after midnight after I've already worked my head out from underwater. When I … Continue reading πŸ“Ή VLOG: Living with Bipolar Type 2 (mental health)