Coronavirus 🦠

Just got off video chat with my dad. I encouraged us to discuss civilly the divided narratives going around and the tomfoolery with that bill. Basically what it comes down to is ethics and priorities and definitely self care. This is a financial AND health care crisis simultaneously, maybe obviously. That’s really tough. But you have to tune back into what you can control. Support who you believe best interests your ethics in this climate and vote for them but definitely take care of yourself and make sure you do tend to your other needs as far as connection through video chat or a phone call.

Everyone is starting to get really anxious. If I’ve learned anything from my mental illness, it’s that we cannot stay overwhelmed. Try and find a balance, or just tune into what’s important right now which is keeping in touch with your actual loved ones, not just going out and socializing. The storm will pass, it always does. Have empathy for everyone and even if you do have to go back to work, don’t get complicit about the seriousness of this. And if you did get laid off, definitely load up on the self care, you need it.

Now is the time to do that. Bond with your kids. Be their port in the storm. Everyone matters right now. Mental health is #1. I find it hard to sympathize over the devastation of the stock market buuut everyone gets affected from the top down. Do I think that’s right? Not really.

But myself, as an empath, I hope, as hope has been the heaviest anchor in my life and what keeps me alive, I hope that… well, can I be frank? The marijuana dispensary is considered essential right now because clearly the pharmacy is, too. I totaled my car, my teeth are my dad’s nemesis, I’m running low on my marijuana, Dad’s pension is getting affected, I can’t see anyone and video chat is probably needed as part of self care. The beaches and reserves are fucking closed. 😠 Self care IS self preservation.

Okay, anyway, take care of YOU so you can pour from a fuller cup and help alleviate everyone else’s stress. If you are lucky enough to have other humans around you to touch and be affectionate with, as we all legitimately need physical touch, that is something not everyone else has right now. Most especially the elderly. And me. πŸ˜” Try to limit your time watching the news and watching the play by play of this.

Love and hope and light.

I hope help is on the way.

I need more weed.

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