Manic manifesto

So I’m manic right now and it feels like I’m a completely different person. I have bipolar disorder so that makes the intensity of the depression even more so like you realize just how depressed so many people are but they don’t want to admit it?

Anyway just wanted to document these words right now because of the fact that I am manic so maybe this is what it feels like to be an 18 year old girl in a Barbie commercial? I have lived with this ever since I was at least 11 years old.

So maybe because I’ve had it so long simply makes me forget about how different it is yet maybe we are not all different we just do our best to try to categorize us so that we can feel like we are special and this you know ordinary world where everyone is suffering from something.

Like you know I don’t know we like to argue that it’s based on severity so that it actually requires a clinical diagnosis? So I do think that this is you know aligned with what I believe but yet the other person that I am makes me feel so uncomfortable really but I think I’m just used to being uncomfortable so that you know my pain is not what’s the word like shocking as if you are high on depression.

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